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Style:   Fresh
Color:   Green
Origin:   Viet Nam
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Scientific name: Polygonum odoratum

Under their laksa leaves: Polygonaceae.

Trunk tall 30-35cm.

Leaves alternate, oval spear, sharp and to the tip, very short stem, leaf margins and midrib covered with long curly hair, body hugging sheath short key, there are nearly parallel but largely pulled term into long strands.


Processing: Laksa leaves can be eaten raw as a vegetable or spice is used in shredded form for the dishes like noodles, vermicelli (with duck or swan), or eating soup with duck eggs ...

Pharmacology: Laksa leaves with pungent smell, the warmth, have a stimulating effect on digestion, cure stomach cold, abdominal pain bloating, poor appetite, ribbed (cramps), diarrhea.