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- Other names:         The banana king
- Product Type:

        Fresh fruits are naturally protected

        geographical indications.

- Origin:         Viet Nam
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Fruit length of about 8 to 10 cm in diameter from 1.5 to 2 cm, when ripe, yellow banana royal shiny as silk, very thin, sweet banana aroma, saffron intestine results sweet, cool and crunchy flesh make.


Chemical composition mainly containing protein , starch , fat , the kind of sugar , calcium , phosphorus, potassium, zinc , vitamins A, C, E, gum, vitamin B11, namely: In the 100g eat with powdered sugar (27.7 g), protein (1.1 g), water (74.1 g), vitamin C (9 mg), B1 (0.03 mg), B2 (0.04 mg) , carotene (Unit 359), Calcium (11 mg), Magneium (42 mg), potassium (279 mg), iron (0.56 forward), 8.6% Fructos, Glucos 4.7%, 13.7% Sacaros. [1] Especially in bananas can Pectin, 1 glucide is no value in terms of energy but helps the digestive absorption, anti-intestinal infections. Bananas provide the most energy (around 100 Calori/100g lean fresh ripe bananas) because bananas contain a lot of sugar powder.