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Fruits Vietnam to major markets

Fruits Vietnam has exported to major markets, especially with some of the fruit of many countries around the world preferred to be produced throughout the year as the dragon and grapefruit, ...


New markets in 2011

In 2011, along with South Korea open to U.S. fruit and preparation allows rambutan imports from Vietnam, the Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture - Rural Development) said that export fresh fruit from Vietnam to the difficult markets like the U.S., Japan, South Korea ... quite favorable.

In the first 4 months of 2011, exports of dragon fruit to the U.S. reached 600 tonnes, equivalent to 70% of total exports in 2010. Vietnam rambutan were also allowed to import U.S.. It is expected the first shipment will be shipped to the U.S. in mid-May 5/2011.

Exports to Japan dragon in the first 4 months of this year reached 200 tons, new Korean market alone exports should reach 40 tons. 

According to the Department of Plant Protection, past the end of April, a group of New Zealand experts to Vietnam to examine the preparation of fresh mango exports to this market and appreciate the initial preparation of Vietnam.

Estimated in early 2012, Vietnam's mangoes can be exported to this market after being treated by the methods of irradiation and steam.

Mr. Vuong Dinh Khoat, director of Phu Irradiation Joint Stock (API), said exports to the U.S. fruit and more fruit because the quality is better controlled, U.S. consumers have become familiar with this fruit should be consumed more.

"The first time fruit exports to the U.S. by sea was heavily damaged, but the company now exports perform quality control from farm to port quality fruit should be markedly improved, the rate of damage damage is very low, "he said Khoat.

Under Quarantine Center after import (Ministry of Agriculture - Rural Development), 2010, exports to the U.S. reached 856 dragon attack, increased 8.5 times compared with 2009. The company predicts this year's fruit exports to the U.S. will reach 1,500 tons.

Proposed in 2011, the dragon fruit exported to U.S., Japan and South Korea is 2,600 tons, more than double compared to 2010.

Experts also said the rambutan exports to the U.S. will be more favorable Vietnam dragon fruit has the experience and infrastructure available.

He said Vuong Dinh API Khoat prepared rambutan growing areas of the U.S. standard for application code.

According to the mandatory provisions of the Plant Quarantine of the United States (APHIS), any fruit to be imported into this country through irradiation processing stage to ensure that pests do not invade.

Irradiation time the dragon is not difficult because the company's two plants Shanshan (HCM) and An Phu (Binh Duong). Also, An Phu is building a factory in Vinh Long irradiation, expected activities on May 5/2011. The plant has a capacity of 150 tons of irradiated fruits / day will solve the transportation problems go irradiated fruit bowl fruit for export to the Mekong Delta demanding markets such as the U.S., Australia, New Zealand ...

According to the export of fruit, rambutan is Thailand's largest market share in the U.S., but with the advantage of favorable quality and prices, Vietnam rambutan are aiming to dominate 1/3 of the market share of Thai rambutans available in the U.S..


And the traditional market

In the import market of Vietnam fruit, Chinese leader in turnover in 2010, reaching about $ 235 million. Japan is the second market with a turnover of approximately U.S. $ 54.5 million, up 26% compared to 2009.

Although China is a manufacturer of leading fruit but vegetables import demand in China is still very large, especially fruits and vegetables in Vietnam characterized as dragon fruit, peeled coconut, cloth , longan, lotus.

Last year, exports of fruits from Vietnam to the EU increased by EU GAP certification for exporting fruit to this item increased by 70% compared to 2009, contributing significantly to increased turnover of Vietnam.

EU importer and the largest fruit producer in the world, the demand for tropical fruits in the EU increased over the years, an average of 8% / year, the popular fruits in the EU market, including bananas (about 65% of imports), mango, pineapple and papaya.


Source: Report to the Government Electronics Socialist Republic of Vietnam