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Opportunities for Vietnam fruit

Fruits Vietnam conquered the difficult markets, exports tend to increase

According to the Vietnam Fruit Association: In 2010, the attractiveness of Vietnam vegetables continue to rise, the value of exports continued to rise, many fruits are more difficult markets receive. Experts believe that the ability to attract foreign currency fruits, vegetables Vietnam Vietnam will be stronger if the orientation is clear, focused specialized areas of international standards and make good preservation after harvest.


Expanding markets

The country has about 780,000 ha of fruit trees, of which only 270,000 hectares in Mekong Delta, the fruit yield of about 7 million tons per year.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau, Director of the Institute for Southern fruit, Vice President of Vietnam Fruit Association, said exports of fruit and vegetables in 2010 the country was on the 471 million, up more than 33 million compared to 2009. Thus, two consecutive years, Vietnam has a trade surplus of about $ 150 million in fruit and vegetables. Currently, a number of difficult markets like the U.S., Japan continues to "eat" some of Vietnam fresh fruits like dragon fruit, pomelo ...

Dr. Chau said if Vietnam fruit in China, Thailand, is easy to get into the U.S., Europe, Japan, to meet a series of stringent quality standards. Fruits of Vietnam is basically good but the world is in need of safe, uniform quality.Years ago, dragon fruit exported to U.S. usually through 3rd countries such as Thailand. But recently, the ability to find export markets for Vietnam's enterprises has increased, making the value of dragon fruit exports increased significantly.

The director of a company specializing in exporting dragon fruit to the U.S. for Pricing dragon fruit to the U.S. a growing trend to Vietnam garden just to ensure the quantity, quality uniform safety standards of the country fact is easily increase exports. In addition to the main markets are the U.S., Japan, at present, Korea has also begun favored Vietnam's dragon. Therefore, the expectation in 2011, Vietnam dragon fruit will continue to conquer more difficult markets other.


Need specialized areas focus

The target MARD is set to 2015, the export value of Vietnam's fruit will reach $ 1 billion.   Some experts in the field worry that the fruit of Vietnam today is not the market, the quality of which is to ensure the bulk and food safety.

Master Tran Thi Thanh Hien, faculty of Natural Sciences, University of HCM City, said that post-harvest technology of Vietnam is also losing a lot of water.Fruit foreigners entering Vietnam to be able monthly. This is the fruit of Vietnam have not been. Besides, Vietnam has not garden much attention to food safety and hygiene. Many gardeners keep thinking left to do so, so beautiful in the form inadvertently use of plant protection drugs, chemicals safety. It is taboo in difficult markets such as the U.S., Japan and Europe.

According to an expert on fruit trees,   Europe has standards for fruit Vietnam long. However, for farmers and apply this standard is not easy because it depends heavily on farmers' habits as well as lack of specialized areas of focus. Europe tends sourcing directly rather than through intermediaries. So, if earlier, Thailand and Vietnam to import fruit exported to other countries, Vietnam must seize this opportunity.