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Nowadays, with the busy pace of life, people are always looking for products that are convenient and fast. When choosing cosmetics too, most people often choose shower gel or soap, we immediately think of products that are sold a lot in supermarkets or stores near home, and most of them are products industry with many diverse scents, eye-catching shapes, but have you ever thought about how industrial products affect our body.
Many industrial soaps also have nano-plastic particles that are used to clean the skin, but their decomposition time is very long, which can enter water and soil causing environmental pollution.

Handmade soaps, although the designs and scents are less diverse, but bring more positive experiences when used. The ingredients of handmade soap are all natural such as olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree, turmeric, etc. Each type of natural ingredient has its own unique benefits.

Natural moisturizers will nourish smooth, healthy skin. In addition, not only cleaning the skin, but natural soap also has the ability to cure skin diseases such as back acne, body acne, eczema, fungus, ... that industrial soap does not have.