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Silk Cocoon

NATURAL: Our cocoon balls are the actual cocoons woven by silkworms feed with organic mulberry leaves. They are made of 100% silk with no other additives, no added chemical ingredients. Natural white color, sometimes small spots may be seen because of natural processing.

Usually, the cocoon is used as a raw material for fabric weaving. Silk fabrics woven from cocoon shells have a softer and more beautiful fabric than normal fabrics, so their price is also higher than that of other fabrics. However, silkworm cocoons are not only useful in weaving fabrics, but few people know that, silkworm cocoons are also a great material to help women take care of and nourish their skin.
Silkworm cocoons are especially effective in cleaning the skin, treating blackheads, anti-aging and brightening the face.

My company can supply cocoon silkworm.

Pls contact to us if you are interested in.