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Type:   Crab
Style:   Fresh
Weight:   Large crab about 3-4 pieces / kg
Origin:   Viet Nam
$0.00 - $1,000.00
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Live blue crab, wild-caught crab from the sea, make meat, delicious

In 100g Edible: 93Kcal, 75.5 g of water, 19.9 g protein, 2.2 g glucide, 1.9 g ash, Calcium 134mg, 180mg iodine, 0.04 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.07 G , ...

Food popular and fastest processing crab steamed.  Beer steamed crab with red brick, aromatic taste, very attractive. In addition to the crab can put charcoal fire grill, only fifty-nine minutes. Crab Porridge back imbued with sweetness. Rice porridge is roasted and then cooked on the stove Riu Riu; crabs were steamed, remove the meat and stir through aromatic astronauts, all to the boiling broth, add pepper, shredded ginger ...created to taste, eat warm belly.