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Product Type:   shellfish
Style:   Fresh
Weight:   Type 1: 20 – 25 units/ kg
  Type 2: 25 – 35 units/ kg
Origin:   Viet Nam
$0.00 - $1,000.00
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Oysters are considered nutritious foods and healthy best. Oysters provide much less energy but contain vitamin A, zinc, iron, selenium and calcium.

Meat is a food raw oysters are rich in nutrients and hormones, particularly rich in zinc. Sea Oysters are rich in zinc most animals, each containing 100g of fresh oysters to 25mg of zinc, whereas zinc per 100 g of meat is only 5.2 mg and 0.8 mg in 100 g of fresh fish.According to the research of modern scientists, oysters have high nutritional value, per 100g oyster meat includes:

  • 10.9 g protein
  • 1.5 g fat
  • 375mg potassium
  • 270mg sodium
  • 35mg calcium
  • 10mg magnesium
  • 5.5 mg iron
  • 47.8 mg zinc
  • 11.5 mg of copper
  • 100mg phosphorus
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, acid taurine and other elements of
  • The amount of iodine 200 times higher than cow's milk and egg yolks.
  • In the oyster meat are also high in amino acids and active only in special creatures of the sea.